I'm in the class today and I'm so glad I finally decided to take it after Jon bugging me for years. If wasn't for Warren teaching it I wouldn't be taking it that's for sure. Never felt comfortable until now. He's an amazing instructor.  

Becca S.

     My husband and I attended Warren’s Concealed Carry Concepts course last Saturday. As someone who hasn’t fired a weapon but once in the two years since I completed my SDA course, I was extremely apprehensive about attending. I’m glad I did! Not only did I come away with valuable information that might save my life or someone else’s someday, but I gained comfort on the range and brought home a bullet-riddled paper target anyone would be proud of. Even my husband, a retired law enforcement officer, felt he gained from the experience. Highly recommended, even for those with limited firearms experience like me! Thank you Warren for your patience and for providing a service like this for our community.  

Regina L.

       We took this class knowing very little about guns and gun safety. We were able to overcome our fears with help from Warren! Great instructor and very approachable! We learned we are capable of handling a 9 mm handgun! I have limited mobility but that did not stop me from participating at the gun range! I left feeling accomplished and accurate in gun control! I really can't believe I really did it! Thank you!​  

Cynthia S.

      Just wanted to thank you for the training yesterday. What an educational and fun day. As you know, I was kind of scared to even touch the gun on Friday night and now feel very comfortable. Thank you!!!

​Jenny W.  



​​​​​​      We at Defensive Training Services believe in continuing education for ourselves as well as our students.  The lead instructors at Defensive Training Services have a minimum of 600 hours of formal firearms and firearms instructor training.  We strive to connect with students as individuals and treat them as such.  We are based in the Enid, Oklahoma area.  

Warren Wilson


  • Over 2600 hours of formal law enforcement and specialized security training since beginning his career in 1995.
  • Active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.
  • More than 700  hours of documented firearms/instructor training including Advanced Firearms Instructor Development and Principles of Adult Learning. 
  • Over 1200 additional hours of tactical training during six years as a SWAT team leader. 
  • Oklahoma Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor in revolver, auto-pistol, shotgun and AR-15.  
  • Published author of more than 100 magazine articles in Law & Order, Police Marksman, Tactical Response, Operation Specific Training, Police One and Modern Service Weapons.
  • Specializes in new/phobic students and advanced skills training.    


  • CLEET Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - Revolver
  • ​CLEET Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - Autopistol
  • CLEET Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - Pump & Auto Shotgun
  • CLEET Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - Carbine
  • Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor
  • Rangemaster Advanced Pistol Instructor
  • ​Basic/Advanced SWAT 
  • Taser Instructor
  • Advanced Executive Protection Program
  • ​ALERT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor
  • Glock Armorer