• Full-time peace officer since 1996, currently holding the rank of captain
  • Advanced Oklahoma Peace Officer Certification
  • Former SWAT Team Leader
  • Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office - Advanced Tactical Operator - (100 hours)
  • Oklahoma Peace Officer Instructor 
  • Oklahoma Peace Officer Firearms  Instructor ​for revolver, auto-pistol, shotgun and AR-15 
  • Attendee of many firearms, tactical, bleeding control classes from top tier instructors.
  • Rangemaster-Certified Firearms Instructor 
  • Rangemaster-Advanced Firearms Instructor 
  • ALERRT - Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor 
  • Executive Security International - Advanced Executive Protection Program 
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors - Active Member
  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)  Group and Peer Mentor
  • National Law Enforcement Training Center - OC Aerosol (Pepper Spray) Subject Control Instructor
  • Axon - Conducted Energy Weapon (Taser)  Instructor 
  • The DTS Instructor Development Program is only one of a handful accredited by the State of Oklahoma
  • CCW Safe - House of Worship Security Team  Instructor   
  • Force Science Institute - Realistic De-Escalation  Instructor 
  • Force Science Institute - Force Science Analyst 
  • Last Resort Training - Active Shooter Event Instructor ​
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance - Valor for Blue  Instructor 
  • National Center for Biomedical Research & Training - Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response Instructor 
  • ​Surefire Master Coach

Warren Wilson is a writer, firearms instructor and law enforcement officer.  He has over 3100 hours of documented training, 1100 of which are directly related to firearms and firearms instruction. He has specialized training on principles of adult learning; specifically the difference in the way men and women learn as well as coaching the phobic student. Warren is a published author of over 160 magazine articles since 2012.

Curriculum Vitae


Becky Wilson has been a certified firearms instructor since 2018 and a certified Oklahoma Reserve Peace Officer since 1996. She is a subject matter expert in the areas of adult learning and leadership with nearly 30 years of teaching experience.  She is a graduate of multiple leadership programs including Senn-Delaney and LEAN.    

  • Oklahoma Reserve Peace Officer 124 hours
  • Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training - Self Defense Act Instructor
  • Awareness Self Defense - AIWB - 8 hours
  • DTS Instructor Development - 20 hours
  • Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - Self Defense Act Instructor
  • Agile Training and Consulting - OC Spray and Less than Lethal Weapons Instructor
  • Aprill Risk Consulting - Unthinkable - 8 hours
  • John Hearne Training - Who Wins/Who Loses - 10 hours