Warren Wilson is a writer, firearms instructor and law enforcement officer.  He has over 2800 hours of documented training, 800 of which are directly related to firearms and firearms instruction. He has specialized training on principles of adult learning; specifically the difference in the way men and women learn as well as coaching the phobic student. 

Self Defense Act (Concealed Carry)

            The minimum requirement to qualify for an Oklahoma Handgun License.   Our personal experiences and training in dealing with violent criminals help to enhance the state-mandated course.  $50.00

Advanced Concealed Carry

            A step above a basic concealed carry class.  This class discusses the pros and cons of various concealment holsters and methods. We delve into how criminals think and engage in realistic shooting drills based on actual self-defense encounters.  This class is only open students with a valid handgun license.  Students can expect to fire a minimum of 250 rounds. 


Previous DTS students $75.00

Defensive Pistol

             An intensive two-day, 16-hour course focusing on technical marksmanship, holster work, reloading, malfunction clearances and  the differences between shooting and fighting with a handgun. Students should expect to fire between 750 and 1000 rounds.  It is recommended that students be in reasonable physical condition. 


Basic Carbine

Coming Soon!



  • Advanced Peace Officer Certification
  • Former SWAT Team Leader
  • Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office - Advanced Tactical Operator - (100 hours)
  • Oklahoma Peace Officer Instructor (40 hours)
  • Oklahoma Peace Officer Firearms Instructor on revolver, auto-pistol, shotgun and AR-15 (226 hours)
  • Rangemaster Firearms Instructor (24 Hours)
  • Rangemaster Advanced Firearms Instructor (16 hours)
  • ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events instructor (8 hours)
  • Executive Security International - Advanced Executive Protection Program (600 hours)
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors - Active Member
  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)-certified Individual and Group Peer Counselor (40 Hours)