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      *****Be certain you have quality equipment before class.  Have a good quality leather or kydex holster and mag carriers (Not necessary for SDA or introduction/basic) and reliable ammunition.   Serpas, crossdraw and shoulder holsters are discouraged.  Appendix carry is specifically allowed if the student has a good holster.  Ear and eye protection are required.  It's a good idea to bring water and snacks.
  Many students wear a tight-fitting undershirt for added comfort when drawing from concealment. If we're using an outdoor range, watch the weather and dress accordingly.  Basic/Introduction or SDA students should leave their unloaded pistols in their vehicle when coming to class.  Students who already have their SDA license taking the intermediate and advanced classes will be given the opportunity to switch out their carry ammunition when we get to the range.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Just enroll and come to class!!!!  We will work it out when you get there.  

Introduction to Handguns/Basic Handgun

      We have introductory and basic handgun classes which cover handgun function, safe handling, and range etiquette.  These classes are geared toward the new or prospective gun owner.  We discuss the pros and cons of different firearms platforms.  There is a short presentation and a no stress question and answer session followed by some live-fire instruction.  If you have questions or concerns about firearms ownership, this is the class for you.  We have three introductory/basic handgun classes.  If you complete levels 1-3, we give you a certificate for an 8-hour basic handgun class.   Click here for more information and registration.


(Limited Seating Available)  

Self Defense Act/Handgun License Class

​This class satisfies the training requirements for an Oklahoma Handgun License.   Our personal experience and training in dealing with violent criminals enhances the otherwise dry material of the state-mandated course. We don't just regurgitate the material like many instructors.  We use photos, videos and class participation to enhance your SDA experience!  Requirements:  50 rounds of ammunition, eye protection, ear protection, brimmed hat (ballcap), photo ID.  I don't do many open enrollment SDA classes anymore, but I am available for private group classes.  I refer most folks to Red Rock Firearms for their handgun license class.  They're good folks.    


Concealed Carry Concepts


Concealed Carry Concepts is our flagship course and the next logical step after a basic concealed carry class.  We developed this curriculum after considerable demand.  In CCC, we discuss the pros and cons of various concealment holsters and methods. We explore the criminal thought process, how they select victims and how to deselect yourself as a victim.  Students will engage in realistic shooting drills based on actual self-defense encounters.  This is much more than just a shooting class. Please be aware:  this class covers violent criminal behavior which is sometimes graphic.  Bring at least 250 rounds of ammunition, a good carry pistol, a decent holster and magazine carriers.  Prerequisite:  A basic handgun class like the Oklahoma Handgun License / Self Defense Act course. (This class does not satisfy the requirements for a handgun license. See the above SDA class.)  This class is worth eight hours of continuing education through CLEET.

Defensive Pistol



An intensive eight-hour course focusing on technical marksmanship, holster work, reloading, malfunction clearances and the difference between shooting and fighting with a handgun.  Students should expect to fire  500  rounds.  It is recommended that students be in reasonable physical condition.  Bring a pistol, quality holster, three magazines, magazine carriers, eye and ear protection and a brimmed hat.

          Defensive Carbine

The Big Seven

​​​​There are seven fundamentals of marksmanship.  Do you know what they are?  Do you know how to apply them?  We will take you through them in a step-by-step building block approach to learning.  You will be a better technical marksman at the end of the class.   Students should bring their usual range gear and at least  300 rounds of ammunition.  


OC (Pepper Spray) Defensive Use

There really is more to it than "splash and dash" when it comes to defensive sprays.  In this two-hour class, we discuss the varying types and effectiveness of defensive sprays.  

Defensive Shotgun is a one day course which covers the basics of pump and auto shotguns operation and usage.  We discuss ammunition performance and selection based on hard data.  Students will shoot several drills and be required to successfully qualify on the Oklahoma Law Enforcement buckshot course.   

Handgun Instructor Development

The Handgun Instructor Development course is an intensive two day class worth 20 hours of CLEET continuing education Course #18-3044. Upon completion of this class, the student will have satisfied the training portion of the requirements to become an Oklahoma Self Defense Act Instructor.  .

For those who don't have their own firearms, you can rent one from Red Rock for $10.  Cleaning and maintenance are included.